Baby Turtle at Drayton Plains


Saw this little guy one day at the Drayton Plains Nature Center and picked him up. I took a few pictures of the little guy and then put him close to the water.


After it Rains


After it rained over the weekend I went to the river and going back I saw this leaf on the ground. I liked how the water on it’s back just stays there on the back of the leaf. Also kinda like the ground as well in this picture.

Tape Decks and Tapes

After playing a bit of Metal Gear Solid 5: the Phantom Pain I wanted to try a tape deck. The last picture was my dad’s Walkman but it stopped winding so I bought one. The top picture is of the tape deck I bought as well and the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon’s “Cosmic Mix”. I also got a Pearl Jam tape of they’re first album.